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cheap human hair wigs can cause shortening cycle, and these are scalp is caused by physiological reasons (cell skin off). Methods of treatment: Keep the scalp clean to avoid the accumulation of exfoliated cells are formed on the scalp, to form dust bacteria breeding environment, and infection of the scalp once a month is recommended customers do, relaxing scalp treatments, to protect the natural sebum film surface of the scalp , adequate nutrition scalp. Oily scalp characteristics; scalp is white, the scalp is oil. Reason; lack of sleep, mood Jizao long black human hair wigs, too much stress, excessive stress, take some of the many causes and endocrine disorders and other drugs containing hormones, will cause, pituitary contributed to oil glands secrete too much oil. Treatment methods: Keep clean scalp, two days washed once serious need of deep scalp care twice a month, pay attention to the quality of sleep, avoid the use of complex shampoo, so as not to further stimulate the secretion of oil glands, hair follicles and cause depth keratosis, formation of lipid benefits scalp, fat benefits alopecia, eventually forming the sensitivity of the scalp. (Note: When handling, treatment, scalp massage such efforts can not be too large, you need gentle handling, if accompanied by the need to grease with dandruff scalp Nourish and protect natural scalp sebum film) scalp sensitivity characteristics : scalp is white, swelling, acne, itching, human hair lace wigs braiding hair loss, scalp pain, concentrated stream of water, severe itching.

Reason; or affect the mechanical properties, environmental, physical, nutritional, and will make the hair over-sensitive, namely: life, work, nutrition imbalance and other reasons of air pollution, chemical working environment, high-polluting methane farm environment , will result in personal skin decreased immunity, excessive secretion of oil glands,human braiding hair, resulting in the large population of bacteria scalp, inflammation, infection of the scalp capillaries, lymphatic generated, cysts, nodules and other skin problems. Treatment: extremely gentle cleaning, it is recommended customers on hospital treatment. Hair: Dry damaged features: easy to play static, knotted, brittle split ends, dull, there is no flexibility. The reason: Long-term use of cosmetics too alkaline (modeling class, shampoo), fat secretion dysfunction, as it is not conducive to the hair and scalp moisture imbalance factors, resulting in a lack of natural protection Shan parts, forming long and short of dry scalp human hair wig. Treatment: Avoid using highly alkaline products using pure proteins after detergent Conditioner (wet) can be used with protein treatments once a week, four times a month for a course. Note: The hair does not have the self-repair function after perm damaged features: easy to tie, bleaching, no gloss, no elastic. Reason: improper chemical operations.

Such as: electric hair treatment for human hair wig too taut, the proportion of hair in the incorrect deployment. Treatment: weakly acidic shampoo after with hot, protein dyed, color care, increase PPT, silk protein hair enhancer. Physiological cycle of the hair: according to expert studies: three years the average length of each hair, the hair of about 12 cm on average 1 older by the growing degradation of → → dormancy period ending referred to herein as the hair growth cycle, cycle one, the normal hair will automatically fall. In the entire scalp, the same period, about eight percent, ninety follicles in "growth", and then enter the three weeks, "involution", and finally into the three-month "rest period." Because human hair for braiding have to get rid of the animals in the spring state epilation, real human hair extensions follicles are not synchronized with each other and rest, holiday mining system; a daily average of one hundred follicles enter the telogen, another hundred follicles enter the growth phase. So hair loss and newborn hair the same time, we do not think hair loss is obvious. But after falling as hair, no longer automatic growth or slow growth, or have abnormal phenomenon or increased hair loss dandruff, oily scalp, etc., caused by damage to the hair follicles, thinning hair will gradually fall, as serious It will become bald. Imperative need to suppress hair again, replenish the hair growth is the necessary nutrients. Cause premature loss of hair or white hair structure there are many, primarily nutrition and mental aspect, adjust your diet for cheap human hair extensions growth has a significant role in promoting. & Lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; & lt; 3 prevent nutrient alopecia and hair needed: & gt; & gt; & gt;

Good human hair weave products Takeout, equivalent to more than open a shop a revenue source of the benefits of salon hair products takeaway addition to hairdressing services, as well as hair products takeaway. Successful salon human hair half wigs products Takeout amount reaches more than 30% of total revenue, equivalent without additional investment to open one more shop. In addition, an increase in the salon human hair weave products Takeout revenues while improving the income of its own staff, but also for customers to leave the salon, the continuation of hair care, so that customers receive comprehensive care hair. The benefits we believe many salon know. Second, the reason for poor take-away hair products but, in reality, many of the salon hair products takeaway not ideal, mainly as follows: 1, Takeout single means chosen salon seemed certain brand of hair products, set a higher royalty rate , told the staff began to sell it. In fact, good hair products Takeout, also needs many other supporting means, for example, choose the appropriate product, good product display, staff training, good product demonstrations, salon Takeout develop related systems and so on. This is also part of the salon received some "master" takeaway skills training, but little change in sales performance reasons!

Hairdressing go domain 2, employees do not know enough of the product to the salon Selected employees do not know enough, understanding is not deep, and even he is not used, do not know the characteristics of the product, selling, advantages, unique, how to sell to their customers it? 3, lack of sales staff selling skills not mastered the skills of employees, the way stiff, unable to inspire customer desire to buy full lace human hair wigs, so that customers feel at is marketing, salon Takeout effect is poor. Hairdressing go Name: 4, employees fear of being rejected, employees sometimes afraid to speak for fear of being rejected, with mental disorders do not dare to open, resulting in poor performance takeaway. In fact, the refusal is an instinctive reaction to customer sales staff, sales in common a phenomenon. Rejected products often represent customer concerns or complaints. Customers were rejected, it does not mean failure, do not have fear. As long as employees in the correct way to do so is to have a chance deal five employees instant success, forced to sell current products more competitive, more and more rational consumer behavior, therefore, to successfully cheap human hair wigs products sold to customers, at the same time Customers who do not make offensive, willing to come again, definitely is not an easy task, usually half an hour or an hour can not be traded.